About Me

Born in Münster Martina began to dance at the age of 11. She made her first steps at the “Residenz Münster” also at which she later started her dance career with her partner Oliver Wessel-Therhorn. In 1987 the award of the “Silbernes Lorbeerblatt” (german title of achievement) was handed over to her by the Federal Minister of the Interior of the time being, Dr. Zimmermann, in substitution of Dr. Helmut Kohl, following her world champion titles.

Even when her job moved her into the rhine area at the beginning of the 90’s she is still in warm friendship as a honour member with her homeclub „Die Residenz Münster e.V.“, for which she is also an international judge.

Since 1996 Martina Wessel-Therhorn lives and works in Neuss and is active as an instructor. 2009 she became a Federal Coach.

2011 followed the appointment to the Federal Headcoach Standard.

Sporting Vita


  • – 4x German Standard Champion
  • – 2x ten dance German Champion
  • – 2x Standard Europe Champion
  • – 2x Standard World Champion
  • – 1x ten dance World Champion
  • – 1x World Champion Standardformation
  • – British Open winner in Blackpool
  • – wears the „Silberne Lorbeerblatt“



  • – 3x German Standard Champion
  • – 1x ten dance German Champion
  • – 4x German Open winner in Mannheim
  • – 2x Vice-Europe Champion Standard
  • – Bronce-medal winner at the Standard World championship
  • – Winner of the Super World Cup Standard


Federal Headcoach Standard